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  • 3W Clinic (Homme Classic Skincare SET Men)

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    Size: 150ml/5oz

    A hydrating post-shave lotion for men.

    Formulated with natural moisturizing ingredients derived from plants.

    Helps instantly soothe irritation after shaving.

    Leaves skin calm, refreshed & healthy looking

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  • For Men Sebum Breaker Cleansing Foam

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    For Men Sebum Breaker Cleansing Foam

    Skincare to help care oily men skin by caring overactive sebum and calming skin.

    Cleansing foam to help remove dead skin cell with mild scrub and clear the pore by removing overactive sebum


    – Effectively tends to the excessive sebum of men

    The green plant complex keeps skin feeling clean by effectively handling excessive sebum that causes men’s skin to appear overly glossy.

    – Exfoliate dead skin cells with a soft scrub

    The soft scrub granules gently exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities from pores without causing any irritation.

    – Soft and refreshing scent

    The refreshing aroma allows men’s skin to feel pleasure as it softly spreads over the skin.

    How to use:

    1. Wet face with lukewarm water
    2. Gently cleanse face
    3. Skin is ready for skin care
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  • Missha For Men Class Up Hair Wax Hair Wax for Extra Strong Hold

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    Up your hair game!
    Style short hair with a matte finish, strong-hold wax.

    Who is it for:

    – Those looking to style short hair
    – Those looking to keep hairs in place with a long-lasting hold
    – Those looking for a hair wax with a matte finish

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